Company Profile

Mountain Altruists is an established travel operator in Darjeeling and North East.

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The company is registered as per the tourism norms and rules that gives the opportunity for travellers to book their trips well in advance to avoid booking closures and disappointment. Mountain Altruists is one of the best travel operators in Darjeeling and North East India. Recognised as one of the best North East Tour operators, we are expanding and increasing our presence to allure tourists coming from different corners of the world. We believe in ethical and sustainable tourism practices that should be implemented to preserve and conserve our environment. We can reduce carbon footprint and sulphur emissions to save our ecosystem and environment and do our best to promote ecotourism and other initiatives.

The travel proprietor firm ‘Mountain Altruists’ was formed in December 2019 with a vision of closing the gap that tourists face with respect to exploring the adventure areas in Eastern India.The name ‘Mountain Altruists’ was selected to satisfy the mountain fantasies arising out within a person and a strong desire to conquer the areas covered by the unblemished mountain ranges in Eastern India. There are other tour operators in this region but we pride ourselves in providing the best services through our experience and knowledge. We help and give the best itineraries to our customers who has come to experience this particular part of the region with our team.

Travel is a social responsibility and we are here to prove and maintain our decorum and assist travelers in planning their voyage with us and learn about best tourism practices. Tourism practices should be implemented after thorough and detailed research. The best tourism leaders can help in achieving the same through their knowledge of best practices. The government should also support micro and small enterprises who are promoting sustainable and ecotourism in their own way.

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