We are a travel firm intended to undertake creative projects in our area of scope and help tourists plan their trip in an educating and adventurous manner.Our vision is to help the tourists learn the different cultures and traditions of the place they visit and make their venture a lifetime experience.

1.Is it required to plan the trip atleast a week in advance and make bookings?Yes,it is required to plan the trip or discuss the various itineraries with us before undertaking the voyage to make sure that the trip is covered within the required timeframe.

2.Can the trip be booked online?Yes the trip can be booked online by making the payments or by sending an email and calling the helpline numbers.

3. Am I eligible to book more than one package during the trip?Only 1 package is allowed per trip.

4.Am I required to make accommodations during the trip?All accommodations are taken care during the trip in resorts and hotels as per the package chosen by the tourist.

5.What is included/excluded in the trip package?All transportation fares,hotel bookings including food is included in the trip package.

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