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Mountain Altruists is a reputable travel operator in North East.

Follow this North-East trip plan which guides you to explore the part of the country that includes a visit to Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Gangtok with your loved ones. The trip can be covered in 7 days and can be booked with our team one week before the trip date.

Being a Travel Operator in the North East, we associate ourselves with providing the best services to our customers and giving them customized travel packages. We have travel packages that include railway station/airport escort, sightseeing, lodging, and fooding. We also provide our customers with the desired homestays/hotels according to their requirements. As we provide the best North East trip plan suited to your needs, you can rely on us to get the best services for your requirements.

Day Wise Itinerary:

  • Day 1:As a part of the trip plan, tourists are taken to Darjeeling where they can expect to arrive before the afternoon after completing lunch in the midway. They can make delicious vegetarian meals free from pesticides and consume organic food to satisfy their food fantasies and enjoy the beautiful town of Darjeeling.
  • Day 2: Tourists will be encouraged to finish the sightseeing within the town that includes seven or eight points. They can also visit the nature parks in the region which boasts of the various natural diversity of the town. They can also buy woolen garments for their near and dear ones and keep themselves warm.
  • Day 3:Tourists will be taken to Lepchajagat, a place lying hidden in the Lesser Himalayan region with the diverse floral distribution of the Lesser Himalayan region.
  • Day 4:Tourists are taken to Gangtok as a part of the trip plan from Darjeeling via Teesta Bazar and Lamahatta and encouraged to complete all sightseeing in the town that including Tashi View Point, Gandhi Road Marg, Rumtek Monastery, Ganesh Tok, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, and International Flower festival.
  • Day 5. Tourists will be asked to visit East Sikkim including the 7th-mile viewpoint, Baba Harbhajan Singh arcade, Tsomgo lake, and Nathula Pass. They can also spend some time in Tsomgo lake which is also known by the name Yak Lake as there are a lot of yaks spotted in the vicinity. Nathula pass is enjoyed by tourists. As a valuable travel operator in North East, we take you to the spiritual destination of the old and new Baba Harbhajan Singh temple protected by the military.
  • Day 6:In the last day of the North East tour plan, tourists will be taken to Pelling where they can visit Kanchenjunga waterfalls, Khecheopalri lake, Skywalk, Helipad, Pemyangtse monastery, Sanga Choeling Monastery, Rabdanste ruins, and Orange garden. The beautiful Khecheopalri lake lies hidden in the territory with a lot of aquatic formations underneath.


Please contact us via the contact form or send us an email to to book the package by deciding your North East tour plan. The Northeast trip cost can be changed as per the requirements of the tourists and it is advised that they make their Northeast trip plan one week in advance with our agency.


North East Trip FAQ

Do Travel operators in North East provide the best packages?

Yes, Travel operators in North East provide the best customised packages to their customers based on their requirements.

How can I book my customised North East trip?

The North East trip can be booked by contacting the travel operator either through email or phone.

Can I book the Nort East trip as per my needs?

Yes, the North East trip can be booked and arranged as per the needs of the customer and their trip duration

Can I cancel my North East trip?

Yes, the North East trip can be cancelled before 48 hours of undertaking the trip.

How do I select the best travel operator in North East?

Recognised travel operators in North East are registered with the Government so it is essential to contact the best operator after verifying their registration number .

How to make the North East trip plan?

The North East trip plan can be made by the tourists by discussing with the tour operators and following the North East travel map and guide.

What would be the North East trip cost?

North East trip cost varies depending on the duration of the trip chosen by the travelers. It also depends on the total number of people travelling during the trip.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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North East trip
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North East trip
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As we provide the best North East trip suited to your needs, you can rely on us to get the best services for your requirements. The North East trip plan and cost varies according to the trip duration and the number of travellers travelling.
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