Darjeeling weather and geographical indication

Darjeeling weather and climate continue to be the major reason for tourists planning to scout this corner of the region with families and friends to enjoy their holiday vacation. Situated in the Lesser Himalayan region, Darjeeling weather continues to be the significant reason for setting up plantation sites, practicing permaculture, and agricultural initiatives.

Darjeeling is a famous hill station and the Queen of Hills due to its geographical location. Darjeeling weather remains very cold during the winters which last from October till April. There are even reported cases of snowfall happening in this corner of the country in the months of January and February. Honeymoon couples, business travelers, adventure seekers, and travel enthusiasts prefer to visit this wonderful destination in the winter months to catch sight of the beautiful empyrean and snow-capped peaks that remain a treasure hunt for mountaineers and individuals from the trekking communities. The geographical indication of this beautiful hill station and Darjeeling weather remains the secret sauce for planters willing to set up plantation sites and manufacturing units. Beverage crops like tea, coffee can be grown and are suitable and conducive to growing in this part of the region due to soil and climatic conditions. Other plants like strawberries and blueberries can be planted in tandem in the gardens and set up a holistic living principle in this region. 

Summer season
Summer season

The summer season is also preferred by couples willing to do a honeymoon trip and students studying in schools and colleges who wants to spend and enjoy their vacation. During the summers, there is less chance of rainfall and clouds accumulating and playing spoilsport in the journey coverage. The Darjeeling weather and climate remain moderate and people prefer to enjoy sightseeing in and around the district which includes a visit to the monasteries, the zoo, the parks, gardens, and other ecotourism areas. The summer season is preferred by travelers who are not susceptible to cold weather and witness altitude and mountain sickness. There is a heavy rush of tourists during the summer and hotels remain full packed and booked. Darjeeling weather and the temperature remain at 18 to 20 degrees Celsius during the summers with minimal rainfall and other climatic disturbances.

Autumn season

The autumn season is very conducive to seeing and spotting wildflowers blooming in propinquity in different areas in the town. The Autumn season also remains special as a specialty of  Darjeeling climate for witnessing rhododendrons and other varieties of flowers. Due to monsoons and proper rainfall, the plants and other species of flora can be tracked in the region that remains very special to botanists and nature enthusiasts across the country. Visual changes in plants characters such as leaf color, curling of the leaves, and ultimately wilting can be useful guides to indicate plant moisture stress and hence the need for irrigation. Soil moisture can be measured as suction or a volume of water and when the soil profile is full of water, the profile is said to be at 100% moisture content. The Autumn season is the arrival of the 2nd flush for tea growers that remains a priority for tea lovers and other crops that favor the arrival of proper monsoons. The temperature fluctuates during this season and a lot of variations can be noticed in terms of climatic conditions. The clouds tend to descend down from the sky and form dew and increase soil moisture. The wet soil thereby helps to increase water holding capacity and favors plant growth. Water retention capacity thereby increases and there is no scarcity in the amount of water required to compensate for the evapotranspiration from the cropped field.

Winter season
Winter season

The winter season is the best of Darjeeling weather and permaculture and other methods of holistic living are set up in the town that holds significance and importance. The Winter season also marks the beginning of the New Year with a lot of changes in everyone’s mindset and opinions. Travelers come in huge numbers from different corners of the world to witness the grandiosity and the magnificence of the region that gets prominent and visible in different colors. Conservation practices to save wildlife and contribute to the well-being of the environment are practiced and implemented by the locals and the governing bodies. The protected areas are maintained properly by the NGOs and other institutions serving as governing bodies to improve the economic and social factors gets geared up. Activities concerning the welfare of the society and the local community are given importance and priority over other factors.                     



What is so special about Darjeeling weather?

Darjeeling weather remains very cool throughout the year due to the altitude factor.This the primary reason why tourists prefer to visit the town to escape the summer heat and enjoy a vacation with family.

How is the Darjeeling climate throughout the year?

The climate of Darjeeling remains very cold during the winters and one can experience snowfall in certain areas of the town. The climate remains pleasant during summers and cold and moist during autumn and spring.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Situated in the Lesser Himalayan region, Darjeeling weather continues to be the significant reason for setting up plantation sites, practice permaculture and agricultural initiatives.
Mountain Altruists
Mountain Altruists

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