Wild Flowers spotting

Wild flowers can be spotted in all corners of North East India thereby attracting botanists and naturalists from around the globe.

Wild flowers spotting is another important feature of our package tours where we take to you to areas where one can spot beautiful flowers blooming in propinquity during various seasons of the year. Wild flowers can only be seen during certain time of the year. It would be wise for tourists to plan their trip well in advance and choose the correct time of the year they plan to visit this part of the country. Although sun plants are not rare and they can be found in most corners of the world but visiting this part of the country at appropriate times can help you spot these beautiful flowers.

Wild flowers and plants can also be seen throughout the entire region and this can create an everlasting impact on the minds of both young and aged people to contrive unforgettable memories of the region.It can also be interpreted that this part of the country is blessed with adequate flora and fauna that actually creates all the magic and enthrallment for any nature lover and traveler planning their trips with us to this corner of the country. Wild flowers can create an everlasting impression in the minds of backpackers and botanists willing to learn about different species of flowering plants found only in this corner of the country.

People have built wonderful and beautiful gardens decorated with lot of plants in their home. These gardens have fences and other requirements required to create a good impression in the mins of people coming to scout this corner of the region with friends and families. Individuals have learnt the different ways of gardening and planting that can only be practiced in this corner of the region due to the flora of the entire biosphere. The biosphere reserves serves as a perfect example of adequate natural resources of the country and the wilderness prevailing in the Lesser Himalayan territory. Tourists are taken to undisturbed natural areas to get the ecotourism ideas and initiatives practiced by the government and the other tourism operators to fulfill the conditions of sustainable and ethical tourism.

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