Wildlife in East India

Wildlife is a special activity in Eastern India treasuring national parks and sanctuaries.

Wildlife in East India is not a part of all the packages that we have in our list.There are specific packages that we have for our wildlife activities and information can be found out in our packages after reviewing them.Wildlife in East India is an important activity that we bring about in front of our tourists and if they are lucky they can trace animals and birds in their much awaited trip.

Birds and animals which are rare to spot can be found in the parks and eco zones of these places. The extinct red panda and other animals can be spotted in the Singalila ridge and the Kanchenjunga national parks. There are other zoos in the city premises where once can track mammals and reptiles and elephants and Indian lions. Leopards are hard to trace and cheetah is almost extinct these days. The bear can be spotted along with different species of deer found in the zoological and the national parks.

Wildlife is very interesting in North East India and has all the flavors to attract tourists from around the world. People can enjoy different groups of animals at the comfort of their home or nearby places. Animals are big species on land and the bigger animals mostly herbivores can be seen roaming in the greener parts of the forests.

Birds are also there in the national parks and one can observe and hear their chirping sounds throughout the day. They can be traced in the Kanchenjunga national park and the Singalila national parks amidst the mammals. They are beautiful and some are even very rare to spot in other corners of the country. These birds have good appearance and discrete articulations so naturalists are aware of their actions, characteristics and behaviour. The feathered kingdom can be easily spotted if you are lucky enough to observe them in the forests of the Eastern Himalayas.

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